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Maestro has the right cookware for every dish

The high-quality Maestro collection is all about "optimal performance for every functional requirement". This comprehensive range has been designed with the greatest care and technical ingenuity so that you can be sure of finding the right cookware for every dish.

Maestro has the right cookware for every dish
Maestro unique stainless steel cookware


Add a touch of unique, contemporary design to your home

With its sleek, stylish design, Maestro goes beyond other stainless-steel collections. The exclusive Belgian design makes this collection unique. The Maestro range takes the experience of cooking to the next level, thanks to its streamlined design, clean lines, stylish handles and contemporary shapes.


Stylish pots and pans with a focus on quality

There are two essential qualities that every cooking pot or saucepan must possess: multifunctionality and durability! We use our cooking pots often and for all kinds of dishes; and preferably, we want to be able to use them for years to come. Durability is key to the design of Maestro cooking pots. That is why these high-quality pots have slightly higher and thicker rims than other cooking pots on the market. With its sleek design, size indicator on the inside, welded handles, rounded edge and mirror finish, the design of our Maestro collection goes far beyond standard requirements to give you the ideal cooking experience.

Casserole dishes with an extra large surface: aluminium vs. stainless steel

This comprehensive range features optimal, high-performing materials that meet every functional requirement, so that you can always find the most suitable pan for any dish you want to make.

Therefore, this high-quality collection has both aluminium and stainless-steel pans. Although both types of pan have an extra-large surface thanks to their upright edges, they have different uses.

When cooking with a stainless-steel pan, the ingredients come into more contact with the cooking surface. This boosts caramelisation and crusting, making this type of pan ideal for meat and poultry. In addition, the small pieces of meat left over from frying make a perfect basis for a delicious gravy.

Aluminium non-stick pans, on the other hand, allow you to cook with very little or no fat. When frying food in a non-stick pan you can get a nice, crispy result without any sticking, although not as crispy as frying in a stainless-steel pan. In contrast to other non-stick coatings, Alva has chosen to reinforce its non-stick coating with ceramic to produce extra durable non-stick pans. However, it is important to know that any pan with a non-stick coating is more easily damaged by overheating than a stainless steel pan. This makes non-stick pans ideal for dishes that do not require high temperatures or a brown crust, such as fish or vegetables.

maestro frying pans alu versus stainless steel
alva maestro stockpot ls 05


Exquisite details

Maestro has thought of every last detail, from the curved top rim to make pouring easy, to the finish on the inside of the lid to retain condensation.

To optimise performance, we have chosen to use high-quality 18/10 stainless steel and to add a layer of aluminium to the bases of our stainless steel cookware. This extra thick layer of aluminium is inserted between two layers of stainless steel to ensure even heat conduction over the entire surface. The seamless finish from the base to the edges provides an extra elegant touch.

Our cookware was also designed to make cooking and cleaning as easy as possible. For example, there’s no need for measuring cups when using a Maestro saucepan or cooking pot, thanks to the handy volume markers on the inside. As the stainless steel items have welded handles to avoid rivets on the inside, cleaning them is child’s play. Our frying pans have a hole at the end of their handle for easy storage. You can hang up Maestro frying pans within easy reach, saving cupboard space in the process!



For all kitchens and heat sources


Maestro cookware is ideal for all heat sources. It doesn't matter whether you have gas, electric, induction, halogen or ceramic hobs as the pans in this BEKA collection are suitable for all hobs.
Maestro products can be used on both on hobs and in the oven. It is oven-safe up to 200°C. The stainless steel handles are oven-proof, so its perfectly possible to continue cooking dishes in the oven after the initial browning.

maestro alva cookware