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Discover Nori: our cast iron collection from generation to generation

Cast-iron classics reinvented with an eye for design! With its timeless colour and attractive shapes, Nori is a must-have collection.

Discover Nori: our cast iron collection from generation to generation

The indestructible cast iron and high quality finishings guarantee slow cooking pleasures for many generations. Thanks to their dark colour, these Nori masterpieces will retain their timeless look for years to come.

Our cast iron Nori collection includes two gold-button casseroles, a sleek grill pan, a fondue set for 8 and a mortar and pestle. At the end of 2021, this collection will be expanded to include an eye-catching tagine.

The durable cast iron material is an excellent heat conductor and retains heat for a long time.
The inside and outside of the dutch oven is applied with three layers of enamel, as a result of which it can be put to use immediately. Extremely suitable for crispy frying, slow cooking and stewing.

beka nori dutchovens


Dutch oven: round or roval

This cast iron dutch oven with its bronze knob is a real eye-catcher in your kitchen and on the dining table. Available in two versions: round, with a capacity of 5L, and “roval” (neither round nor oval), which offers a capacity up to 5.5 liters.

Thanks to the small nubs under the lid, the evaporated cooking juices can be optimally used for making your dish more tender. These picots distribute the cooking juices uniformly and ensure that the preparation is sprinkled naturally and continuously with this moisture.


Grilling in a beautiful round cast-iron pan

Cast iron is the ideal material for grill pans, according to the best chefs. Not only is it an excellent heat conductor, but it is also highly suitable for use at high temperatures when grilling and it retains heat for a long time.

Durable cast iron grill pan with especially deep grill ridges for excellent browning and for creating that beautiful chargrilled pattern. The deep grill ridges reduce the contact between food and fat, resulting in a healthier cooking style. Ideal for preparing steak, bacon, chicken, paninis or even naan bread.

beka nori grillpan
beka nori mortar&pestle


Mortar and pestle with a rough finishing touch

Grind your spices in a jiffy just like a true chef, for maximum aromas and flavours. Ideal for crushing and grinding fresh herbs for preparing a spice mix, dressings, pesto or a dipping sauce.

The Nori mortar and pestle is made of robust cast iron with a rough finish to crush spices even more easily. Finishing with mineral oil finish to prevent your pestle and mortar from rusting. Unique form with slightly sloping edge and a useful handle for maximum grip.


Extra large fondue set

With this extra-large fondue set, you can quickly rustle up a delicious meal for up to eight people. This cast iron fondue has a dipping capacity of 2 litres. Most suitable for meat fondues, but can also be used for cheese or chocolate fondues after removing the splash guard.

The eight forks come in handy if you are using the fondue set with a large group or if you want to use several forks per person.

The set contains eight forks with handles made of sustainable acacia wood. The combination of black cast iron, stainless steel and wood not only creates a unique look, but the acacia wood also has antibacterial properties.

The excellent heat conductivity of the cast iron warms up the pot evenly so that your golden-yellow cheese or chocolate melts uniformly. In addition, the cast iron material retains heat for a long time, so you can enjoy your fondue endlessly.

beka nori fondueset